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Clear focus or anything that moves?

It is not a given that companies can find an appropriate strategic path and create adequate focus with (typically) limited resources. Unfortunately, many times an organization’s energy is wasted on too many topics and poor alignment between strategy and implementation.

The process from strategy to implementation is difficult by design, as it should combine a broad business environment view and an “out-of-the-box” angle with an intense focus on implementation. As your resources are typically limited, you should hit the target every time. Every unfinished project creates negative business results and is poison for employee motivation.

Your workforce is your number one asset. They keep your business running by making big and small decisions along the way towards the goal. It is a well-studied fact that performance on an individual level varies substantially depending on the individual motivation level. If you believe in the previous statement, it really matters how you lead your groups and involve them in your strategic trip.

Business is typically complicated enough. A leader’s role is to make the complicated simple, as only a simplified message tends to get through the organization making the desired impact.

Clear direction – Focus in implementation – Results. We are glad to help you achieve this!



”Saimme aikaan todella nopean ja pysyvän muutoksen kohdeyrityksessä.”


”Yksi historian vaikuttavimmista turn around projekteista.”


”Oikea mies oikealla paikalla”


Red Barn Studio News

At the beginning of 2016 the RB studio has been also available for public use. We have intention to do many different projects this year. We'll keep you posted as there will be some new people joining us soon.  

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+358 40 517 5599

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